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Recap of June 8: Disgu$t & Distru$t

Neil was joined by Gregg Hymowitz, president of Entrust Capital; Alexandra Lebenthal, president and CEO of Lebenthal & Co.; Brian Finnerty, senior vice president of Melhado, Flynn & Associates; and Bob Sellers, anchor of FOX News Live.

Disgu$t & Distru$t

Worries over India and Pakistan may give stocks a quick hit on any given day, but is this steady and torturous decline really because America has distrust and disgust for Wall Street right now?

Alexandra says the market's decline is because investors cannot trust what is in their portfolios or what they are hearing from analysts. A ‘scandal-free’ stock she likes is Neuberger Berman (NEU).

Gregg says you don’t know what to believe anymore. He says people may decide to re-do their homes rather than invest in the stock market. He likes media stocks Viacom (VIAb), Comcast (CMCSK) and Liberty Media (L).

Brian says we cannot do anything with what is going on in Pakistan, but we can and we should clean up our acts because that is keeping stocks down. He likes media stock AOL Time Warner (AOL).

Bob Sellers says we have a credibility bubble and it’s going to take a while for people to be comfortable to but stocks again.

More For Your Money: Homeland Security

President Bush gave Tom Ridge a lot of clout. A Cabinet position and budget to bang heads. But is rolling a lot of agencies' budgets into one big budget really that big a deal?

Bob says there needs to be an agency for this exclusively. He thinks it will be a boondoggle if Congress gets involved. Gregg says its all about accountability — the American people want to know who is accountable for their safety. Getting all the agencies together is probably the best idea. He thinks Boeing (BA) will benefit from this.

Alexandra says the information technology sector will change in order to help fight terrorism. Brian thinks defense company EDO Corp. (EDO) will help America and investors fight this war on terror.

Head to Head: Anti-Arab Lawsuits

As if airlines don't have enough problems, now they're being hauled into court for being Anti-Arab? Neil says it’s down right ill-conceived! Ibrahim Hooper, the president of the Council of American Islamic Relations, believes this lawsuit has merit and that profiling Arab looking passengers is illegal.

FOX on the Spot

Gregg says better than expected earnings will spur a summer rally!

Brian agrees w/ Gregg 100 percent — 2nd quarter profits are going to be very strong!

Bob says the Dow hits 9k before getting back to 10k!

Alexandra says the market goes as U.S. soccer team goes!

Neil say this India-Pakistan storm passes and the markets will still hurt from worries in America!