Cavuto on Business

Recap of May 18: Buy $igns!

Neil Cavuto was joined by Jim Rogers, President of, Tom Dorsey, President of Dorsey, Wright & Associates, Sr. Business Correspondent Karen Gibbs, and hotel guru Ian Schrager.

Spotting a Bull Market

Stocks were up for the week: the Dow up 4 percent and the Nasdaq up 9 percent. Is this the beginning of a new bull run or just another false start?

Bullish Signs:

Jim Rogers is bullish for the next few months because of the recent down market, the Federal Reserve printing too much money and the government spending it all.

Tom Dorsey is cautiously bullish for NYSE stocks because the number of buy orders outnumber sell orders.

Bearish Signs:

Jim is bearish long term because rising inflation and a weak dollar.

Tom is bearish on NASDAQ stocks because sell orders outnumber buy orders. He's also worried about inflation.

Ian Schrager says the economy is slowly rebounding and the hotel market is still hurting.

More For Your Money: Are Media Stocks Good Buys?

The media sector is down nearly 40% year-to-date. But blockbuster movies like Star Wars and Spider-Man are boosting box office sales. Is it time to buy beaten down media stocks?

Jim says no. Media stocks will continue to muddle along with the economy. Ad sales are not a leading indicator of the economy. He says "sell" AOL Time Warner (AOL).

Tom says it is time to buy media stocks, but be selective. He says "buy" Sony (SNE), McGraw Hill (MHP), and John Wiley & Sons.

Ian says even though entertainment stocks have been down the last two years, entertainers are still coming to his chic bars and hotels.

Head to Head: Lift Cuba Embargo?

Neil Cavuto says Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, needs us more than we need him, and that he should convert to democracy and free markets before the U.S. lifts the embargo.

Alan Colmes, co-host of Hannity & Colmes, says our embargo against Cuba has not worked, but allowing trade and travel to Cuba would help develop free markets and democracy.

FOX on the spot

Tom Dorsey: sell U.S. real estate, prices have peaked!

Jim Rogers: the estate tax will be killed for good soon, if not, die in 2010!

Ian Schrager: the hotel industry will NOT pick up until 2004-2005!

Karen Gibbs: good-bye budget surplus, hello deficit spending!

Neil: partisan politics is hurting the war on terror!