Cavuto on Business

Recap of May 11: Money Trust?

Neil Cavuto was joined by Karen Gibbs, FOX Business News senior correspondent; Jim Rogers, president of; Alexandra Lebenthal, president of Lebenthal & Co.; and Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News senior judicial analyst.

Money Tru$t?

Will Main Street's distrust of Wall Street keep the bulls from coming back?

Jim says investors should never trust Wall Street from doing your own research.

Alexandra says trust has been broken and a strong statement from Wall Street is needed to return it.

Judge Napolitano says trust will be restored. But government should not pass new laws to fix it. Trust Wall Street over the Government.

Internet Boom II?

Cisco Systems (CSCO) beat the street and gave a brighter outlook. Is this a sign internet-related stocks are coming back online?

Jim Rogers says some Internet stocks are at a trading bottom, but not the final bottom. He says sell Cisco (CSCO) and IBM (IBM).

Alexandra Lebenthal says some have hit bottom. The internet has changed personal and business lives, which will create a new round of e-companies. She says to buy eBay (EBAY) and Goldman Sachs Internet Tollkeeper Fund (GITAX).

Judge Napolitano says we can't live without the Internet, which is good for e-businesses.


Dozens of Ivy League professors want America to pull money out of Israel, saying Israel is abusing the rights of Palestinians. Neil Cavuto says it's a bad idea.

Richard Falk, a former professor at Princeton University and currently a professor at the University of California, says to divest from companies doing business with Israel is to express solidarity with victims of massive crimes against humanity.

FOX on the spot

Jim Rogers says the European Union will go after Microsoft over anti-trust concerns!

Judge Napolitano says Arthur Andersen gets acquitted in obstruction of justice case!

Alexandra Lebenthal says Enron executives were aware of the effect Enron's energy trading had on the California power shortage thereby proving corruption was fully approved at the top!

Karen Gibbs says the economy will grow and there will be no signs of inflation!

And Neil says taxes are going to be simplified. Treasury Secretary O'Neill has already hinted they want to give it a go after the mid-term elections.. But he doesn't think it will work.