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Exclusive! Debra Marshall, Ex-wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin Tells What Really Goes on in Pro-Wrestling World

This is a partial transcript from " Hannity & Colmes ," June 28, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Details in the investigation into Chris Benoit 's murder-suicide continue to emerge, but much of the focus remains on the wrestler's alleged steroid use, as well as the violent culture of the WWE .The ex-wife of wrestling superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin wants to shed light on that world and the steroid abuse, and rampant domestic violence that she says she survived, and that Nancy Benoit did not.Joining us now is Stone Cold Steven Austin's ex-wife. Debra Marshall is with us. She's also a former, by the way, WWE wrestler herself.This has now become the question whether or not this is what they call "roid rage." Now, I know they invaded the home of this guy. They investigated there. Anabolic steroids , in fact, were found. They went to the doctor's office today.How rampant is the use of steroids from what you saw in your years being married to your husband?DEBR...

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