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World Food Program

Haiti 'Heartened' By U.S. Crisis Aid

Haitian ambassador to U.S. appreciative of outpouring of support

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  1. FEED Program

    Model and activist Lauren Bush working to help feed the hungry


    Presidential niece Lauren Bush on her efforts to help children in Rwanda

  3. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition

    Bear breaks into electronics store

  4. Present (and Future?) First Ladies

    Laura Bush and Cindy McCain chat with Greta at the RNC

  1. U.N. Funding in the Crosshairs

    U.S. taxpayers supporting 'corruption, mismanagement and negligence'?

  2. White House Using Scare Tactics in Spending Cut Fight?

    USAID head: GOP budget will kill 70,000 children

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  4. Brazen Attack

    Militants hold hostages in Pakistan army headquarters

  5. Deadly Violence

    Terrorist attacks in Pakistan

  6. Helping Haiti

    Will $57 million raised from Haiti telethon actually get to suffering people?

  7. Catastrophic Flooding Continues in Pakistan

    People in Pakistan are fighting to stay alive as flooding continues to devastate the country