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War In Libya

Power Play: Obama Makes U-Turn on Libya ?

Chris Stirewalt with recents developments regarding Qaddafi and Libya

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  1. Response to Libya Hearing in Congress

    Rep. Duncan Hunter on NATO command of conflict

  2. President Obama on Libya Airstrikes

    Obama : We froze Qaddafi's assets

  3. Cost of Libyan Crisis Continues to Mount

    Coalition forces launch additional resources

  4. What Will Be the Endgame in Libya ?

    Power struggle continues between Qaddafi loyalists and rebels

  5. Clinton: U.S. Welcomes NATO Command of No -Fly Zone

    Secretary of state delivers remarks on transition of control

  6. Washington Battles Over Libya

    Lawmakers upset over unclear plan for U.S. involvement in North Africa

  7. President Obama's Speech a Miss?

    Did the president fail to answer critical questions in speech on Libya ?

  8. Arab League Sends Mixed Messages on Libya

    Does the organization support no - fly zone ?

  9. A Shaping of the Obama Doctrine

    What does air attack say about the president's foreign policy?

  10. Libya's Reaction to Obama Speech

    Libyan people express gratitude towards President, coalition forces

  11. Rebels Push Towards Qaddafi Stronghold

    Opposition fighters being fired on as offensive probes Libyan city of Ajdabiya

  12. McCain on Obama and Libya Endgame

    Arizona senator on whether Obama waited to long to act on Qaddafi , the ultimate goal of the coalition strikes and more

  1. Impact of Libya Strikes on Unrest Across Middle East

    Situation grows more complex with U.S. involvement

  2. Obama Explains U.S. Response to Crisis in Libya

    President on enforcement of U.N. resolution, coordinated military effort in Libya

  3. Obama Defines America's Role in Libya

    Stresses joint international effort to remove Qaddafi

  4. Too Late for No -Fly Zone in Libya ?

    Would sanction make a difference now?

  5. No -Fly Zone Over Libya ?

    Sen. McCain on situation in Libya , U.S. allies

  6. Palin Critical of Obama's Libya Address

    Are the former governor's frustrations justified or is the president being held to unrealistic standards?

  7. President Obama on Libya

    U.S. will not deploy ground troops

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