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U.S. Embassy

Judge Jeanine: Disney Dreams Dashed

U.S . embassy denies 9-year old boy a visa

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  1. Japanese Earthquake Latest

    Greg Palkot talks Japan disaster

  2. Iran Releases American Hiker

    Sarah Shourd freed from Iranian prison

  3. The Canadian Caper: Escape From Iran

    Little known story from hostage crisis

  4. Obama: Thoughts, Prayers With People of Japan

    President on earthquake, tsunami

  5. US React to Japan Quake

    7 military ships sent to region

  6. Diplomats Targeted in Yemen Rocket Attack

    Britain's number two diplomat comes under fire

  7. Murder Charge Complicates U.S.-Pakistan Relationship

    American official's arrest making fight against Al Qaeda more difficult?

  8. Libyan Regime Clinging to Power

    Clashes increasingly bloody as Qaddafi blocks coverage of protests

  9. American Teacher Missing in Japan

    Fears grow over Taylor Anderson's fate

  10. What Can The US Do to Help Japan?

    Military vessels headed to ravaged nation

  11. Latest Effort to Cool Japan's Crippled Nuke Complex Fails

    Radiation detected miles beyond evacuation zone

  12. Fox Car Report LIVE! 12/23/2010

    We take a look at the best and worst cars of 2010, and are joined by Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson

  1. U.S . Embassy in London A Target

    New details on UK terror plot

  2. Beirut Clashes

    Pro-Palestinian protesters gather outside U.S . embassy in Lebanon

  3. Test for Trying Accused Terrorists

    Civilian trial begins for Gitmo detainee charged in 1998 U.S . embassy bombings

  4. Pakistan on the Brink?

    Governor killed by his bodyguard amid turmoil

  5. Emotional Reunion at West Point

    Former Iran hostages reunite after 30 years

  6. Pakistan Opens Critical Border to NATO

    Pakistan re-opens border after diplomatic tension

  7. Japan Struggles on Multiple Fronts

    Crucial hours for nuclear plants and rescue efforts

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