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Tony Blair

Tony Blair on 'Hannity'

Former British prime minister opens up about working with Presidents Bush and Clinton in new book

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  1. Interfaith Dialogue

    Saudis host religious leaders at conference in Spain

  2. Credit Bush's Freedom Agenda for Egypt Uprising?

    Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld weighs in

  3. Hannity

    Monday/Tuesday, 9p/12a: Monday: It’s an inside look at one of Britain’s most dominant political figures don’t miss this special interview with Tony Blair . Tuesday: The new generation of GOPers reveal plans to get their party back on top.

  4. Israel Waits for Mideast Uncertainty to Pass

    Rockets fly in from Gaza as protests rage in Arab countries

  5. Bret Michaels on 'Red Eye'

    Rocker rates his 'Celebrity Apprentice' performance

  6. Church and State

    Senator Jim DeMint says stimulus bill is 'an attack on people of faith'

  7. Hannity

    Thursday, 9p ET: We reveal the political beliefs, controversial decisions, and personal friendship of George W. Bush and Tony Blair .

  8. Israelis, Palestinians to Resume Talks

    Direct talks to begin in September

  9. Hannity

    Wednesday, 9p/12a ET: George W. Bush and Tony Blair impacted world history. Now, we reveal the political beliefs, controversial decisions, and personal friendship of these extraordinary men on a special ‘Hannity!’

  10. 'Sick Over This'

    Mother of woman who died on Pan Am 103 reacts to bomber's release

  11. Lockerbie Leniency

    Are there any more legal options after Scotland releases ailing Lockerbie bomber?

  12. Former Edwards Aide Speaks Out

    Andrew Young releases salacious tell-all book

  1. Part 2: Tony Blair on 'Hannity'

    Former PM's observations on the Clintons and the warning he gave Princess Diana before her death

  2. Assassination Attempt

    Israel: Plot uncovered to kill Tony Blair in Gaza

  3. Breaking Her Silence

    Liz Smith on Cherie Blair's juicy new book

  4. Cherie Blair 'On the Record'

    Former British first lady weighs in on media scrutiny, being a woman in politics

  5. Hollywood Nation: 12/17

    Simon Cowell's wish list

  6. Hollywood Nation: 3/25

    Dennis Quaid to star as Bill Clinton

  7. 'It's a Badge of Honor to Be Attacked by CAIR'

    Rep. King responds to criticism over Islamic radicalization hearings

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