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Has Pakistan Been Helping the Taliban ?

How truthful are the military documents released by Wikileaks and could this impact U.S.- Pakistan relations?

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  1. Pakistan a Friend or Foe?

    All-Star panel responds to accusations of American ally aiding Taliban

  2. Policy Shift?

    U.S. favors talks with moderate Taliban members in Afghanistan

  3. Taliban Nerve Center

    Fox News crew joins Pakistan's army on terror hunt

  4. Tackling the Taliban

    U.S. works to train Afghan military near Pakistan border

  5. New Details on U.S. Plan for Afghanistan

    Military stepping up missions targeting Taliban leaders

  6. Taking on the Taliban

    U.S.S. Lincoln carrier heads to Arabian Sea

  7. Peace Possible in Afghanistan ?

    President Karzai confirms ongoing talks with Taliban

  8. Firsthand Afghan War Review

    Former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan talks troop drawdown timeline

  9. Six-Point Plan

    Counterterrorism expert's solution to fixing war in Afghanistan

  10. Caught in the Crossfire

    Roadside bomb kills at least 10 civilians in Afghanistan

  11. Critical Ally

    President Obama weighs wider role for Pakistan in fight against Al Qaeda

  12. Al Qaeda on Verge of Radioactive Weapons?

    Classified U.S. cables say terror group is sourcing nuclear material, recruiting rogue scientists

  1. Taliban Comeback

    Insurgents regrouping in Afghanistan

  2. U.S. Contracts Funding Taliban ?

    Scathing new report claims taxpayer dollars funneled to enemy in Afghanistan

  3. Taking on the Taliban

    Harris Faulkner and the panel discuss the future of the war in Afghanistan

  4. Defcon 3: 11/13

    The U.S. could experience a new threat if Al Qaeda from Afghanistan joins with the Taliban in Pakistan

  5. Abducted by the Taliban

    A journalist's harrowing seven months in Afghanistan

  6. Report: Pakistani Intel Urging Taliban to Attack U.S.

    Has Pakistan changed sides in the War on Terror?

  7. End in Sight in Afghanistan ?

    Report: Taliban , Afghan government in high-level talks

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