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Syrian Civil War

Syria's President Offers No Concessions to Protesters

Mideast expert weighs in on Syria's role in the region

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  1. Newt Gingrich Talks Policy and Presidential Politics

    Former speaker of the House on 'Fox News Sunday'

  2. Yemen's President to Leave Under Uncertain Conditions

    Leader says he will go as long as power is transferred to 'clean hands'

  3. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  4. Does Operation Odyssey Dawn Set Precedent?

    Should U.S. intervene in other Middle East conflicts?

  5. U.S. Interests at Stake in Libya

    Anything short of a rebel victory could hurt American foreign policy

  6. What's Next In Libya?

    Does U.S. have a plan for after Qaddafi is toppled?

  7. Rating White House Response to Chaos in Libya

    Fate of the country and leader Muammar al-Qaddafi?

  8. Will Qaddafi's Regime Fall?

    Lt. Col. Oliver North on military action in Libya, Qaddafi

  9. Arming Libyan Rebels

    Ideas circulate on whether the U.S. should arm the rebels

  10. How High Could Oil Prices Go?

    Expert analysis on impact of unrest in Mideast

  11. Uncertainty About America's Role in Mideast

    Why Libya and what's next?

  12. Latest on Mideast Unrest

    A concern for U.S. security

  1. The Coming Revolution, Could the Unrest in Libya Lead to a Civil War ?

    Fox News Middle East Expert, Walid Phares, joins us to give his speculations on the unrest and increasing violence in the Middle East, specifically in Libya, and how it could lead to an inevitable civil war .

  2. Why Not Syria ?

    Should the U.S. take action? Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Hunter weighs in

  3. Lawmakers Push President to Change Syria Policy

    K.T. McFarland on U.S. strategy in Middle East

  4. Biggest Threat: Unrest in Jordan, Syria , Bahrain or Yemen?

    Mayhem in Mideast poses challenges to U.S.

  5. Deadly Protests Continue in Yemen, Syria

    Anti-government demonstrations spread across Mideast

  6. More Protests in Syria

    Tensions heating up in Mideast

  7. Who's Really in Charge of Libya Mission?

    Amb. John Bolton on Obama's speech, why NATO leading the Libya mission doesn't reduce U.S. influence and the unrest in Yemen and Syria

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