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Raymond Davis

Today's Hit List: 3/16

CIA contractor Raymond Davis released from Pakistani prison

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  1. 'Blood Money' Frees Detained CIA Contractor

    Raymond Davis released from Pakistani prison

  2. Special Report Online: 2/16

    Budget deadlines coming fast and furious

  3. Obama Sides with Unions Against Cuts

    Chris Stirewalt with today’s ‘Power Play’

  4. Crowd Control

    Dominic Di-Natale on what it was like being on the ground in Egypt and what lies ahead for Israel

  5. Pakistan Frees CIA Contractor

    Drops murder charges

  1. American Jailed in Pakistan Is CIA Operative

    Case remains at center of fragile diplomatic relationship between U.S., Pakistan

  2. Did 'Blood Money' Free CIA Contractor From Pakistan ?

    Court acquits Raymond Davis of murder charges

  3. Pakistan Court Declines Ruling on CIA Case

    No decision on whether detained contractor has diplomatic immunity

  4. Murder Charge Complicates U.S.-Pakistan Relationship

    American official's arrest making fight against Al Qaeda more difficult?

  5. How Should U.S. Respond to Pakistan ?

    Friction over detained American diplomat

  6. U.S. and Pakistan Clash

    Imprisonment of American diplomat creates tension

  7. Diplomatic Immunity for American Consulate Worker?

    Decision will have implications for U.S. Pakistani relations