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David Cameron

Big Changes Coming to Health Care in U.K.?

PM Cameron proposes overhaul of state-run system

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  1. Damage Control over Clapper's Statements

    Obama reaffirms that Qaddafi must go

  2. Around the World: Tanker Truck Explosion

    Gasoline truck explodes on highway in Turkey, more than 20 injured

  3. British PM Takes Paternity Leave

    David Cameron becomes first British prime minister to take statutory paternity leave after birth of new daughter, Florence Rose Endellion

  4. Your World

    Tuesday, 4p ET: A prime example? When it comes to budgets, business & rebuilding what can Obama learn from David Cameron ?

  5. Britain Changing Health Care System

    Prime minister cites cost, red tape, management control

  6. International Conference on Libya Conflict

    Secretary Clinton meets with other leaders to discuss country's future

  7. Power Play: Should U.S. Pull Out of Libya?

    Chris Stirewalt with today's 'Power Play'

  8. Protests In Wisconson: Really about Something Bigger?

    Joe Slakas and Sue Kelly share their thoughts on the Wisconson protests and whether they are really about something bigger than just collective barganing

  9. U.S. Struggles to Define Objective in Libya

    International debate over who will take the reins in Noth Africa as climate heats up

  10. GOP Urging Major Cuts in D.C.

    Sen. Sessions on taming tide of red ink in Washington

  11. Sessions: Obama's Budget Proposal a 'Defining Moment'

    Why Sen. Sessions believes Obama's budget proposal in February will be a pivotal time in his presidency

  12. President Obama Hits the Campaign Trail

    President campaigns today in several states

  1. Defcon3: Multiculturism Leads to Terrorism?

    Panel discusses comments by UK Prime Minister David Cameron on consequences of a segmented society

  2. U.S. and U.K. Talk Oil Spill

    Obama speaks with British Prime Minister David Cameron about tensions over BP's role in Gulf disaster

  3. Libya: Britain Preparing Warplanes

    David Cameron on Libya

  4. Hundreds Of Thousand Protest In London

    Angry over government cuts to public service

  5. Royal Wedding Promises Profits

    Prince William's wedding may be the economic boost Great Britain needs

  6. Japanese Nuclear Emergency's Impact on Food Supplies

    Nuclear fallout will make thousands of acres of Japanese land uninhabitable

  7. Unrest in the Middle East Spreads

    Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons on violence in Libya, U.S. policy in the Middle East

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