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Benjamin Netanyahu

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Part 2: Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Obama team working to shut down Gitmo

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  1. Mideast Talks Threatened by Expiration of Settlement Freeze

    Israelis mark end of settlement freeze by beginning new construction deep in the West Bank

  2. Israel Offers Conditional Settlement Freeze

    Netanyahu wants Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

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  4. U.N. Slams Israel

    Defense minister Ehud Barak on United Nations' push against Gaza blockade

  5. Clinton Announces Mideast Peace Talks

    Secretary of state says Israel and Palestinians will resume direct talks that will hopefully be completed in a year

  6. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 1: Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacts to Usama bin Laden tape

  7. Closing Thoughts: 1/4

    The real question is not why Israel is responding, but rather, what took them so long?

  8. Last Leg of Peace Talks?

    Israeli, Palestinian negotiations reach a stalemate

  9. Potential Powder Keg in the Middle East

    Iran's weapons declaration sends not-so-subtle message to Israel, U.S.

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  11. Hannity's America: 4/1

    White House insults British again?

  12. The Journal Editorial Report: 1/1

    Winnera dn losers of 2010

  1. The Fight Continues

    Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Gaza conflict

  2. Family of Jewish Settlers Massacred in Their Sleep

    Israel approves construction of new homes after murder

  3. Dramatic Calls Report Israel Terror Attack

    Witnesses call to report deadly bomb attack

  4. Israel's Response to Terrorism

    Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Wednesday's deadly attack at crowded bus station

  5. 911 Calls from Deadly Terror Attack

    Latest on Jerusalem bombing

  6. Egyptian-Americans React to Revolution

    Young people express hope after uprising, respond to concerns surrounding Muslim Brotherhood

  7. Peace Broken in Jerusalem

    First bomb in seven years detonated in bus station

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