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Mahmoud Abbas

Family of Jewish Settlers Massacred in Their Sleep

Israel approves construction of new homes after murder

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  1. Suicide Mission?

    More than 70,000 Iranian students volunteer to carry out suicide bombings against Israel

  2. Mideast Crisis

    U.N. diplomats try to hammer out agreement

  3. Around the World

    Beijing, Taipei begin new era; Santa Clauses try hands at curling

  4. Reason to Be Merry

    Relative calm brings Christian tourists back to Bethlehem for Christmas

  5. History of Violence

    Investigating roots of crisis in Gaza Strip

  6. Political Grapevine: 7/21

    Former global warming alarmist says there is no evidence the main cause is carbon emissions

  7. Aiming for the Terrorists

    Col. Ralph Peters on Israel

  8. 'Day of Rage'

    FOX News Channel's Mike Tobin and crew caught in Jerusalem violence

  9. Honeymoon Is Over?

    Growing tensions between Iraq's central government and its Kurdish population

  10. Barack Abroad

    New details about Obama's overseas trips and John McCain has some things to say about it

  11. Terror From Within

    A look at the roots of Hamas terror in Israel

  12. Israel Responds to Iran's 'Ambassador of Death'

    Israeli ambassador on threat from Iran's unmanned bomber

  1. America in Tough Diplomatic Spot

    U.S. vetoes Palestinian resolution on Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank

  2. Controversial U.N. Resolution Slams Israel

    Will U.S. vote to condemn settlement activity?

  3. Reid Reverses Course

    Senate majority leader gets behind Roland Burris while distancing himself from Norm Coleman

  4. Mideast Talks Threatened by Expiration of Settlement Freeze

    Israelis mark end of settlement freeze by beginning new construction deep in the West Bank

  5. America's Position

    Bush administration not leaning on Israel to abandon bombing campaign, focuses blame on Hamas

  6. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from Fox News Channel

  7. Documentary Imagines Peace in Mideast

    'Little Town of Bethlehem' proposes non-violent solutions to conflict

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