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Hu Jintao

Chinese President Hu Jintao Visits U.S.

What can we expect from this week's meeting?

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  1. China's Economy Surges

    China's gains, America's debt problems alarms critics

  2. Standing Ovation for Political Theater?

    Panel on where health care stands

  3. Chinese Counterfeit Goods Costing U.S. Jobs, Profits

    China ignoring American patents?

  4. What’s on the U.S. Agenda Towards China?

    Rebeccah Heinrichs on how the U.S. should approach its relationship with China

  5. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Shannon Bream gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  6. U.S., China Search for Common Ground

    Obama, Hu discuss human rights, trade

  7. Religion and Human Rights in China

    Our panel weighs in on this week’s meeting between Presidents Jintao and Obama

  8. Republicans Starts Health Care Debate

    Is this debate more than symbolism?

  9. Restart of Military Relations With China

    Defense Secretary holds talks to end falling out

  10. China: Dollar's Dominance Is Dead

    Chinese president calls dollar-based system 'a product of the past'

  11. China's Human Rights Violations a Factor?

    Activists protest Chinese president's visit to U.S.

  12. Can U.S. Get Tough With Its Banker?

    Chinese president's state visit comes amid concerns over China's human rights abuses, currency manipulation

  1. Where do U.S.-Chinese Relations Stand?

    Donald Trump reacts to Chinese President Hu Jintao ’s visit to U.S.

  2. Leaders of Economic Powers Prepare for Meeting

    China's president calls present U.S. dollar-dominated system 'product of the past,' highlights moves to turn yuan into global currency

  3. Is China America's Friend or Foe?

    K.T. McFarland weighs in

  4. The Journal Editorial Report: 1/22

    Tim Pawlenty talks 2012 run, GOP priorities

  5. Beck in No Spin Zone

    Glenn Beck on glitzy state dinner, CNN banning certain words

  6. Dennis Miller in No Spin Zone

    Funnyman's miffed he wasn't invited to state dinner for China's president

  7. Human Rights and the Two Presidents

    Strong words were exchanged on the subject of human rights between Chinese President Hu Jintao and President Obama

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