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Fidel Castro

Raw Video: Fidel Castro Addresses Cuba's National Assembly

Cuban President Fidel Castro makes rare appearance in front of nation's political leaders

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  1. Diplomatic Standoff with Caracas

    Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez blocks U.S. ambassador designate

  2. Defiant Libyan Leader Refusing to Step Down

    Judith Miller says Qaddafi 'will do whatever he needs to do' to stay in power

  3. Jon Voight vs. Time Magazine

    Actor turned activist blasts anti-Israel cover

  4. Can The Iranian People Pull An Egypt?

    With the Iranian government cracking down on protesters, can the Iranian people get a similar outcome to that of Egypt? Our panel of Joel Mowbray and Leslie Marshall weigh in.

  5. No Spin Zone Debut

    Ted Turner talks politics, FOX News, Fidel Castro and Jane Fonda

  6. Muted Celebration

    Toned-down festivities mark Cuban revolution's 50th anniversary

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    Greta's full interview with Rush Limbaugh

  8. No Spin Zone Debut

    Part 2: Ted Turner talks about his relationship with Jane Fonda

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    Why is 1959 'the year everything changed?'

  10. Madeleine Albright

    Part 1: Fmr. sec'y of state on new book, 'Read My Pins, Stories From a Diplomat's Jewel Box'

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    The radical truth about Anita Dunn

  12. 'Capitalism' Clash

    Hannity goes one-on-one with Michael Moore on new documentary

  1. Castro Criticizes Cuba's Communist System

    Former dictator does something even his fiercest critics thought he never would

  2. Cuba Experimenting With Capitalism

    Communist regime granting licenses for independent small businesses

  3. The Journal Editorial Report 9/11

    Is the president's new tax strategy enough to change the debate heading into November?

  4. Cuban Movie Buffs Hit Cinemas

    Films from Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and Brazil were featured

  5. State of the Union a 2012 Sneak Peek?

    Is the State of the Union speech a start to the 2012 Presidential campaign?

  6. Buy a Cigar Travel Humidor

    Before going on a trip, keep your cigars fresh with a small homemade or commercial travel humidor.

  7. GOP Looking to Oust Democratic Governors

    All-Star panel breaks down what's at stake in big state races

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