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Bashar al-Assad

France raises concern of new chemical attacks by Syria's Assad

French leaders have said there are "indications" that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is still using chemical weapons against his own people despite vowing to dispose of his government's stockpile in an agreement brokered by the U.S. and Russia last year. French President Francois Hollande told Europe 1 Radio Sunday that his government had "a few elements of information" that Syrian government forces were behind chlorine gas attacks on at least three towns earlier this month, but also noted "I do not have the proof."French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told the radio station that he had received "indications, which have yet to be verified, that there have been recent chemical attacks." Fabius noted that the alleged attacks were "less significant" than those that took place outside Damascus in August 2013, but were still "very deadly." The recent attacks are alleged to have taken place in the northwest of the country, near Syria's border with Lebanon. Groups opposed to the Assad gove...

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  1. Syria may be worse than ever as conflict hits 3-year mark

    Greg Palkot reports from London

  2. Senators push measure to aid Syria's civil war victims

    A bipartisan coalition of senators wants to push President Obama to develop a more "robust" strategy for the United States to assist Syrian civilians amid the nation...

  3. Kerry addresses Iran, Syria issues with lawmakers

    James Rosen reports

  4. Geopolitical Tensions Invade Cyberspace

    Russia is on the verge of annexing Crimea without ever having fired a shot – at least in the real world.Below the surface of relative calm, the tug-of-war over Ukrai...

  5. President Obama’s foreign policy working in Ukraine?

    Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis and FOX News contributor Michael Goodwin weigh in on Vladimir Putin and President Obama’s response to the crisis in Ukraine.

  6. Putin attempting to re-establish Russian strength?

    Russia is guaranteeing access to warm water ports

  7. How can the US counter Russian aggression?

    Former US Ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor explains how sanctions could have an impact on Moscow

  8. Will Obama, Kerry cave on Ukraine just like they caved on Syria?

    The Obama administration would like nothing more than to find an off ramp from the Ukrainian crisis. An unwelcome distraction from its domestic agenda, Ukraine is al...

  9. Mystery surrounds intercepted Iranian missile shipment

    Questions continue to swirl around a shipment of Iranian missiles the Israeli navy intercepted near Sudan, with experts saying the weapons' true destination might re...

  10. Los Angeles gangbangers surface in Syria to join Assad forces in fighting

    Two members of notorious Los Angeles street gangs have apparently made a global trek -- from the crowded streets of LA to the barren battlefields of Syria -- to figh...

  11. Power struggle between Putin and the West?

    Obama downplays any 'Cold War-type' competition

  12. Focus turns to foreign policy for Obama administration

    How should U.S. proceed in Ukraine, Syria?

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  2. Jihadist threat against sacred Turkish tomb threatens to widen Syria's war

    A man who has been dead for nearly 800 years could be the catalyst that draws Turkey into Syria’s bloody civil war.Jihadists who poured into Syria to help the Free S...

  3. Dem fractures deepen on ObamaCare

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  4. Pro-Russian forces storm Ukrainian military base

    What is Putin's next move?

  5. Israel walks tightrope to steer clear of Syrian war amid attacks

    Israeli officials insist retaliation against Syria's Assad regime for bombing attacks against soldiers in the Golan Heights was aimed at the right targets, but skept...

  6. Prosecutors say Calif. man tried to join Syria Islamists, discussed attacking LA subway system

    A California college student who allegedly discussed attacking the Los Angeles subway system was arrested Monday on suspicion of attempting to provide material assis...

  7. Obama has his Munich moment with Putin and Crimea

    Back in September, John Kerry told Washington Democrats that America faced a “Munich moment” in deciding how to respond to Syria’s use of chemical weapons. He called...

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