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Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI Delivers Easter Message

Thousands celebrate holiday at St. Peter's Square

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  1. Around the World

    Bodies of Israeli soldiers return home; pope celebrates mass in Sydney

  2. Morality Factor

    Does government have obligation to provide health care for everyone?

  3. The President and the Pope

    Leaders with fundamental disagreements meet for first time, seek common ground

  4. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  5. Around the World

    Olympic village house of cards in Hong Kong; wax sculptures for 'Buddhist Lent' in Thailand

  6. Around the World

    Pope kicks off Bible-reading marathon at the Vatican; skydivers in Nepal jump from above Mt. Everest

  7. Around the World

    Pope receives first ladies during G-8 summit; deadly fireworks blast in India

  8. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less

  9. Catastrophic Flooding Continues in Pakistan

    People in Pakistan are fighting to stay alive as flooding continues to devastate the country

  10. Political Grapevine: 1/9

    Where was the current head of the Democratic Party when his successor was introduced?

  11. Closer Look at Cardinal Newman's Miracle

    English priest's journey to sainthood starts in Massachusetts

  12. Around the World

    Thousands line up in Zimbabwe to withdraw cash to buy food; pilgrims stampede in India

  1. Christmas With the Pope

    Pope Benedict XVI leading midnight mass in St. Peter's Basilica

  2. Vatican Visit

    President Obama meets with Pope Benedict XVI after G8 summit

  3. Insight into the Catholic Church

    Gregory Erlandson examines how Pope Benedict XVI has handled the sex abuse crisis

  4. Historic Meeting

    Significance of President Obama's audience with Pope Benedict XVI

  5. Around the World

    'Snow and Ice' festival in China; Pope Benedict XVI celebrates feast of the Epiphany

  6. Pope's Christmas Message

    Pope Benedict the Sixteenth addresses crowds at the Vatican

  7. Flooding In Four Countries Causes Mess

    Countless dead, hundreds missing, millions in damage

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