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Pervez Musharraf

On The Record

Wednesday, 10pm ET: Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf reacts to the region's role in the war on terror.

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  1. Has Pakistan Been Helping the Taliban?

    How truthful are the military documents released by Wikileaks and could this impact U.S.-Pakistan relations?

  2. Nuclear Security Concerns

    Pakistan's nuclear facilities attacked by home-grown terrorists

  3. Christine O'Donnell 'On the Record,' Pt. 1

    Tea Party-backed GOP Senate hopeful discusses Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and reveals surprising admiration for one political figure

  4. Violence on the Rise Near Afghan Border

    NATO troops and supplies have dealt with an increase in attacks along Afghan-Pakistan border

  1. Against Their Will?

    Mom claims American teens held at madrassa in Pakistan

  2. That's That?

    Pakistan's foreign ministry declares nuke case closed

  3. He's Back

    Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has announced he's re-entering politics

  4. 2 Teens Held at Madrassa

    Lawmakers work to get release of two American youth sent to Pakistan by father

  5. Musharraf Resigns

    Pakistani president steps down to avoid impeachment battle

  6. Pakistani Government Loses Key Ally

    Dominic Di-Natale on the nation’s political dilemma

  7. Pakistan on the Brink?

    Governor killed by his bodyguard amid turmoil