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Usama bin Laden Dead

Faith No More

Top atheist Sam Harris tells Alan why he believes faith is not necessary for morality

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  1. Warning Signs

    2000: New York City prison guard beaten savagely by Al Qaeda suspects

  2. Abortion Battle

    Sen. Hatch offering amendment to health care bill

  3. Deadly Attack

    Militants kill 9 U.S. soldiers at military base in Afghanistan

  4. Terror Attack?

    Former Attorney General Mukasey on Fort Hood investigation

  5. Presidential Obligation to Avenge Americans Killed Overseas?

    Charles Krauthammer weighs in on controversial topic

  6. Militants Reportedly Killed in U.S. Drone Attack

    Strike reportedly kills 8 German militants in Pakistan

  7. Early Prime Tonight


  8. Flag Fight

    9/11 relative battles New York City co-op board over right to fly American flag

  9. Finishing the Job

    President Obama prepares to reveal plans for Afghanistan

  10. U.S. Missile Strike in Pakistan

    At least 16 militants were killed by military drones

  11. Exclusive: Hunting Bin Laden

    Pakistani president on Usama bin Laden's whereabouts and the VP candidates

  12. FOX News Exclusive

    Part 1: Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacts to Usama bin Laden tape

  1. Would Usama bin Laden Go to Gitmo?

    Panel on Obama's pledge to close Guantanamo Bay

  2. Closing In on Usama bin Laden ?

    Report: Terror mastermind living in home in Pakistan

  3. Hunt for Al Qaeda

    Gary Bernsten, the former CIA agent who pursued Usama bin Laden at Tora Bora, joins Alan to discuss Obama's war strategy

  4. Terror Center

    Dozens dead in Pakistan attacks; report of bin Laden sighting in Afghanistan

  5. Defcon3 8/18

    Sending a message to terrorists: You can run, but you can't hide. Our predator drones will find you

  6. How Do We Deal With Qaddafi?

    What happens if Qaddafi does go?

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