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Usama bin Laden Compound

Controversy over Location of 9/11 Trials

Megyn Kelly interviews Rep. Weiner about what he calls 'hysteria' over having terrorist trials in NYC

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  1. Anger on Ninth Anniversary of 9/11

    Mosque battle and Koran burning controversy fueling outrage

  2. West Point Welcome

    USMC superintendent talks to Shep about Obama's speech, life as a cadet

  3. 9/11 Family Member Enters 'Ground Zero Mosque' Debate

    Jim Riches lost firefighter son on Sept. 11, 2001

  4. Day in Court

    Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jack Reed on decision to try 9/11 suspects in civilian court

  5. As It Happened

    FOX News looks back at the events of Sept. 11, 2001

  6. Battle in the Big Apple

    'Geraldo at Large' gets to core of clash over Ground Zero mosque

  7. FOX News Exclusive

    New book shows Al Qaeda members are running scared from drone attacks

  8. American Presence

    U.S. officials say military's new African command reflects the continent's increasing strategic and economic value

  9. U.S. Missile Strike in Pakistan

    At least 16 militants were killed by military drones

  10. Deadly Attack

    Militants kill 9 U.S. soldiers at military base in Afghanistan

  11. Terror Center

    Dozens dead in Pakistan attacks; report of bin Laden sighting in Afghanistan

  12. Exclusive: Hunting Bin Laden

    Pakistani president on Usama bin Laden's whereabouts and the VP candidates

  1. On the Border!

    Michael Scheuer on the Afghan-Pakistan border!

  2. Wikileaks Docs Reference Bin Laden

    Confidential military files reveal no concrete intel on Usama bin Laden's location since early 2000s

  3. Focus Group Speaks Out on Ground Zero Mosque

    Americans respond to firestorm surrounding location of Islamic center

  4. Beck: Iranian Regime Preparing for 12th Imam?

    Former Revolutionary Guard shares frightening video

  5. Beck: Iranian Regime Preparing for 12th Imam?

    Former Revolutionary Guard shares frightening video

  6. Nation Divided Over 'Ground Zero Mosque'

    President Obama clarifies stance on controversial mosque

  7. Fred Thompson

    Part 2 of the former presidential candidate on 'H&C'

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