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Operation Odyssey Dawn

Operation Odyssey Dawn Latest

Update on the on-going siege in Libya

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  1. A Look Inside Operation Dawn Odyssey

    Were the attacks effective?

  2. Who Is Leading Military Operations in Libya ?

    Wall Street Journal editorial points out serious risks of 'a war by global committee'

  3. Next Step for Libya ?

    Sen. Kay Hagan speaks out on U.S. mission over African nation

  4. Conflict With Libya Though The Years

    Libyan violence on and off for years

  5. Rick Leventhal Live In Libya

    Crowd cheers, shoots rifles into air on the husks of destroyed Libyan military vehicles

  6. Coalition of the Confused: Who Leads in Libya ?

    British Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan weighs in

  7. Left Upset Over Obama's Military Action?

    Former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak on why Democrats aren't pleased with president's decision on Libya

  8. How Do We Deal With Qaddafi?

    What happens if Qaddafi does go?

  9. 'Heartbreaking Injustice'

    Brother of Pan Am 103 victim says bomber should die in prison

  1. Operation Odyssey Dawn

    Lawmakers question us mission in Libya

  2. Does Operation Odyssey Dawn Set Precedent?

    Should U.S. intervene in other Middle East conflicts?

  3. Vice Admiral Gortney On Operation Odyssey Dawn

    Vice Admiral talks what happened on day one

  4. Trump: Who Pays for Operation Odyssey Dawn ?

    Donald Trump blasts the Arab League

  5. Admiral Mullen Talks To Chris Wallace About Libya

    The Admiral gives updates on the battle

  6. Mullen: No-Fly Zone in Place

    U.S. jets drop bombs on Libyan airfield

  7. Who Is General Carter Ham?

    Closer look at man at helm of U.S. operations against Libya