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Muslim Brotherhood

Insight into the Muslim Brotherhood

What role will they play in Egypt’s new government?

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  1. Reflections From Egypt

    Ashley Webster shares his experience reporting during crisis

  2. Crisis in Egypt: What's Next for U.S. Diplomacy?

    Former U.S. ambassador to Egypt on U.S. foreign policy in Egypt

  3. Protests Spread in the Middle East

    Walid Phares discusses the similarities and differences between the uprisings happening around the Middle East

  4. The Way Forward for Egypt

    Wall Street Journal Columnist Bret Stephens looks at what Egypt can do to successfully move forward and the United States' role in the process

  5. Obama: U.S. Prevented 'Massacre' in Libya

    KT McFarland on the president's speech

  6. Iran's Strategic Movements In The Suez Canal

    Panel on Iran's recent movements in the Suez Canal and seeming encirclement of Israel

  7. Real Life Spy Love Story

    'The Company We Keep' chronicles spies' story

  8. Who Will Lead Egypt Next?

    Hosni Mubarak is out of power, but who will take over the ailing country?

  9. Latest on Egypt

    Egyptian military plans transition

  10. Jordan's Foreign Minister on Upheaval in Middle East

    Web exclusive: Watch Bret Baier's entire interview with Nasser Judeh

  11. Hit List: How does Middle East Turmoil affect the U.S. from a security aspect?

    We will take a look at the turmoil in the Middle East from a National Security standpoint, and what the government should and can do to protect the Nation. Mike Baker and Bill Daly are here with the weekly hit list.

  12. The Future of Egypt

    National security expert on Egypt latest

  1. Problems Arise in Middle East

    The Muslim Brotherhood and killed protesters

  2. International Community Split on Arming Libya Rebels

    White House remains cautious about opposition forces

  3. Egypt's Uprising

    TJ McCormack and Richard Fowler disect the situation

  4. How Egyptian Crisis Affect U.S., World?

    Panel on Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's prediction that Egyptian outcome will be defeat for U.S.

  5. The Coming Revolution, Could the Unrest in Libya Lead to a Civil War?

    Fox News Middle East Expert, Walid Phares, joins us to give his speculations on the unrest and increasing violence in the Middle East, specifically in Libya, and how it could lead to an inevitable civil war.

  6. What Should Happen Next in Egypt?

    Jonathan Broder, senior editor, Defense and Foreign Policy for Congressional Quarterly Weeklt, on new political talks in Egypt

  7. The Journal Editorial Report: 02/05/11

    What roll should the United States play?

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