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Muammar Qaddafi

Muammar Qaddafi was the autocratic ruler of Libya, from 1969 when he seized power in a military coup, until 2011 when his government was overthrown by a NATO-backed rebel force in a civil war.

How Can Qaddafi Fight Back?

More threats of violence from the Libyan leader

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  1. Qaddafi Tanks Roll Back From Key Cities

    Libyan leader looking for exit strategy?

  2. Qaddafi Threatens 'No Mercy' for Rebel Forces

    Libyan leader calls U.N. resolution 'craziness'

  3. U.K.: Libya’s Air Defenses Grounded

    Allied airstrikes cripple Qaddafi ’s regime

  4. Libyan Army Bombs Rebel Fighters

    Qaddafi Forces continue attacks in Libya

  5. Turmoil in Libya

    Reports of bloody crackdown in Tripoli; country's U.N. mission calls for Qaddafi to step down

  6. Political Steering Committee to Oversee Libyan No-Fly Zone?

    Amb. John Bolton weighs in

  7. Body Count Rises in Middle East Protests

    Protests are turning violent

  8. Damage Control over Clapper's Statements

    Obama reaffirms that Qaddafi must go

  9. Libyan Leader Vows to Go Down Fighting

    Violence grows in Tripoli as Qaddafi swears to fight to his 'last drop of blood'

  10. Intervention Options in Libya

    What's next course of action if economic sanctions don't weaken Qaddafi's power?

  11. Libyan Rebels Fight for Key Strongholds

    Qaddafi opponents begin to push west in Libya

  12. Military Strikes Continue in Libya

    Qaddafi reportedly not target of coalition attacks

  1. Qaddafi's Days in Power Numbered?

    Top government officials defecting from defiant Libyan leader

  2. Will Qaddafi Stand Down?

    Former Libyan Ambassador Ali Suleiman Ajuali on the unrest in Libya

  3. Will Qaddafi's Regime Fall?

    Lt. Col. Oliver North on military action in Libya, Qaddafi

  4. Will Qaddafi Fall Under Pressure?

    Pentagon confirms 22 missiles launched in 24 hours

  5. Qaddafi Vows Long War in Libya

    Next step for U.S. military?

  6. Gaddafi

    Gaddafi says I am in Tripoli not in Venezuela

  7. Can Qaddafi Hold on to Power?

    Middle East expert Aaron Miller says Libyan leader is tenacious but will join 'dustbin of history'

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