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Military Tribunal

Military Tribunals for GITMO Detainees

President Obama recently announced that GIMO will remain open and the detainees will be getting military tribunals . Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey is here to discuss.

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  1. 9/11 Trials Stalled by Administration?

    Lawyers say military commissions being 'choked'

  2. Gitmo Trials Back on Track?

    Report: Obama administration preparing to increase use of military commissions

  3. White House Ramps Up Use of Military Commissions

    Accused planner of USS Cole attack to be prosecuted at Guantanamo Bay

  4. 'Makes No Sense'

    Sen. Sessions says trying 9/11 suspects in U.S. will 'create a lot of complications'

  5. Gitmo Detainee Trial

    Accused bomb maker Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani trial delayed

  6. Reps. Ryan, Hollen on 'FNS'

    Panel discusses possibility of moving 9/11 trials out of NYC

  7. 'Best Way to Proceed'

    Sen. Cardin stands behind Holder's decision to try 9/11 suspects in U.S.

  8. 'Special Report' Panel on KSM and Taxes

    Discussion of the administration's trial balloons

  9. Too Risky?

    Panel discusses Khalid Sheikh Mohammed being tried in New York

  10. Unlawful Detainment?

    Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) explains to Alan why he believes it's time to do away with military tribunals .

  11. Entire Jon Stewart Interview

    Full, unedited video of Jon Stewart on 'The O'Reilly Factor'

  12. Safe at Home?

    Author Vince Flynn on whether our national security strategy is losing focus

  1. Examining Military Tribunals

    Why the accused underwear bomber should not face a military tribunal

  2. Day in Court

    Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jack Reed on decision to try 9/11 suspects in civilian court

  3. New Military Tribunals at Gitmo

    Obama administration to drop the ban

  4. Military Tribunal

    First war crimes trial in more than 60 years underway at Gitmo. What does it mean for the War on Terror?

  5. Cutting Off the Funds

    Sen. Lindsey Graham introduces bill to cut off funds for civilian trial for 9/11 terrorists

  6. Giuliani's Take

    Former New York City mayor on Holder hearing

  7. Location, Location!

    Former AG Gonzales on the KSM decision

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