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Mexican Drug Cartel

Sec. Clinton on Mexico

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses the drug violence in Mexico and how it affects the U.S.

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  1. Honoring Jaime Zapata: Funeral Set for ICE Agent

    Drug cartel suspected in agent's murder

  2. Mexican Drug Lord Killed in Shootout

    Reign of Mexican drug cartel leader ended

  3. Corruption in Mexico's Police Force

    Mexico suspends four police commanders for links to drug cartels

  4. Monterrey Mayhem

    A look at how the drug violence has been reported in Mexico

  5. Gruesome Discovery in Northern Mexico

    72 bodies found in makeshift grave

  6. Drug Cartels Lure U.S. Teens

    New program discourages students from transporting narcotics from Mexico

  7. Mexican Drug Cartels Target U.S. Teens

    Kids being used as drug mules

  8. Tiffany Hartley Says She Will Take Lie Detector Test

    Search underway for American shot on Texas border lake

  9. Meth Making a Comeback

    New concerns use of methamphetamine is increasing in U.S.

  10. Mexican Drug Cartels Recruiting U.S. Teens

    America's Third War: Students warned about dangers of smuggling

  11. Terrorists Working With Drug Cartels?

    Hezbollah operatives moving into Mexico and closer to U.S.?

  12. National Guard on the Border: Too Little, Too Late?

    Critics claim National Guard sending too few troops, too slowly

  1. Mexican Drug Cartel Calls for Truce

    Signs of progress in Mexico's war on drugs?

  2. Mexican Drug Cartel Calls for Truce

    Cartel 'weakened' by security forces

  3. Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel Calls For Truce

    'La Familia' cartel says it will halt all crimes for one month

  4. Time to Crush Mexican Drug Cartel ?

    'La Familia' announces temporary truce

  5. Time to Crush Mexican Drug Cartel ?

    'La Familia' announces temporary truce

  6. Mexico Drug Violence Escalates

    Death toll continues to rise beyond U.S. border

  7. Drug Cartels Targeting U.S. Agents?

    Texas congressman reveals law enforcement warning

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