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Libyan Protests

Lieberman: 'We Can't Stand By and Watch'

Connecticut senator on Qaddafi , Libyan protesters , U.S. policy

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  1. Turmoil in Libya

    Reports of bloody crackdown in Tripoli; country's U.N. mission calls for Qaddafi to step down

  2. Libyan Leader Vows to Go Down Fighting

    Violence grows in Tripoli as Qaddafi swears to fight to his 'last drop of blood'

  3. Chaos on Streets of Libya

    Death toll rises as anti-government protesters want an end to Qaddafi's rule

  4. Body Count Rises in Middle East Protests

    Protests are turning violent

  5. What's Next for Lybia?

    Christian Whiton weighs in on Libya , the unrest, the violence and what might come next

  6. Qaddafi Vows to Fight On, Part 1

    'Captain crazypants' stands his ground in Libya

  7. Is The Libyan Leader Qaddafi Finished?

    Is Libyan regime finished?

  8. Bahrain Protesters Call for Toppling of Monarchy

    Authorities clamp down on pro-reform crowds

  9. Body Language of a Leader

    Comparing Muammar al- Qaddafi to Hosni Mubarak

  10. Defiant Libyan Leader Refusing to Step Down

    Judith Miller says Qaddafi 'will do whatever he needs to do' to stay in power

  11. Oil Prices Continue to Rise

    What impact is oil inflation having on our economy?

  12. Brutal Crackdown in Libya

    Libyan army strikes back at anti-government protesters

  1. Comparing Libya Unrest to the Bosnia/Kosovo War

    Former CIA Director James Woolsey joins us to compare the unrest in Libya to the Bosnia/Kosovo war

  2. Qaddafi Issues Defiant Challenge

    Libyan leader says he will fight to the death for control

  3. Qaddafi's Days in Power Numbered?

    Top government officials defecting from defiant Libyan leader

  4. Libyan Government's Bloody Crackdown

    Violence against protesters points to cracks in Qaddafi's regime

  5. Can Qaddafi Hold on to Power?

    Middle East expert Aaron Miller says Libyan leader is tenacious but will join 'dustbin of history'

  6. Qaddafi Blaming Unrest on bin Laden

    Thousands trying to leave Libya

  7. Libyan Regime Clinging to Power

    Clashes increasingly bloody as Qaddafi blocks coverage of protests

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