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Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong Il Lives

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il makes first public appearance in 2 months

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  1. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  2. All Eyes on North Korea

    Questions loom as to when Kim Jong Il will hand over power to son

  3. Leadership Shuffle in North Korea?

    What do recent political changes in Asian nation mean for U.S.?

  4. New Era in North Korea?

    Panel discusses possible changes to American-North Korean relations

  5. Tough Talk From North Korea

    How real is threat of 'sacred war' in response to South Korea's military drills?

  6. Latest on Korean Tension

    South Korea vows to strengthen defense

  7. Will War of Words Become Shooting Match?

    More chest-thumping over South Korean military drills

  8. Jimmy Carter to North Korea

    Former president making personal trip to secure freedom of imprisoned American

  9. Nuclear Retaliation

    North Korea vows to enlarge atomic arsenal

  10. Journal Editorial Report: 8/9

    Political left roughs up moderates opposing health care plan

  11. Here We Go Again

    Another U.S. holiday, another North Korea missile test

  12. Gen. Jim Jones on 'FNS'

    National security adviser on North Korea, developments in Afghanistan

  1. Kim Jong Il Taps Youngest Son as Successor

    How does the eventual changing of the guard impact Iran's nuclear ageda?

  2. Upcoming Changes in North Korea?

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's promotion of his son, Kim Jong Un brings questions

  3. North Korea's Future Head of State?

    Kim Jong Il's Son Made 4-Star General

  4. Unhealthy Image

    North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il makes rare public appearance

  5. New Video of North Korea's Leader-in-Waiting

    Provocations by regime expected to increase as country pushes to cement Kim Jong Un's leadership

  6. Peace Through Strength on Korean Peninsula?

    South Korea responds to provocations by Pyongyang

  7. All In the Family

    Inside Kim Jong Il's North Korea family business

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