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Honor Killings

'Honor Killings' on the Rise in U.S.?

Trial underway for immigrant accused of killing daughter

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  1. Dad Pleads Not Guilty in Daughter's Death

    Was daughter's death an honor killing ?

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    FNR Honor Killings

  3. Fox News Reporting: Honor Killings

    Saturday, 9p/2a ET: Muslim men are killing their women for dating, divorce, and even getting a job! We expose a shocking case on a Fox News Reporting special hosted by Bill Hemmer.

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    Iraqi man accused of killing his 20-year-old daughter

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    Runaway teen fears return to Muslim family

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    Lead counsel for Rifqa Bary's parents, Omar Tazari joins Lauren

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    Christian Rifqa Bary seeks emancipation from Muslim parents

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    Florida judge defends decision to apply Islamic law in Florida

  9. Sharia Law in the United States?

    Is it compatible with the American legal system?

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    Should Utah husband with four wives be charged with bigamy?

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    Court hearing held in case of teen Christian convert

  12. President's Priorities Confused on Ground Zero Mosque?

    Critics think Obama should be focusing on putting those responsible for 9/11 attacks on trial

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    Police: Father killed daughter over arranged marriage

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    Fox News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl on father accused of running over daughter

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    Georgia dad accused of 'honor killing' claims he's innocent

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    Father accused of strangling daughter who wanted divorce

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    Are we ignoring growing problem?

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    One woman is leading charge against gender-based violence

  7. 'Honor Killing' in America

    Dad secretly taped girls before murders