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Todays Market News: Bank Regulation

Should Congress revisit this controversial issue?

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  1. End of Obama-Mania?

    Health care debate badly hurting president's popularity

  2. Busted Again?

    'Green' guru Al Gore caught on tape: Is he practicing what he preaches on the environment?

  3. The President and the Pope

    Leaders with fundamental disagreements meet for first time, seek common ground

  4. Tax Tussle

    All-Star panel sorts out the back-and-forth over tax cuts

  5. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  6. Around the World

    World's heaviest man ties the knot in Mexico

  7. 'Smart Power'

    Hillary Clinton vows to confront international challenges with mix of diplomacy and defense

  8. 'Open and Sincere'

    Obama, Russian President Medvedev make joint statement on meeting

  1. Markets and Economy

    Markets and economy with Managing Director of LandColt Trading, Todd Schoenberger

  2. Japan Nuclear Crisis Sparks Global Selloff

    Former PaineWebber CEO Don Marron reacts to the impact on markets from Japan crisis

  3. Today's Market News - Uncertainty and the Marketplace

    How will rising fuel prices affect long-term market activity?

  4. Politics of the Dead

    International politics Professor Daniel W. Drezner tells Alan how different countries and political parties would respond to a zombie attack.

  5. The Coming Revolution, Could the Unrest in Libya Lead to a Civil War?

    Fox News Middle East Expert, Walid Phares, joins us to give his speculations on the unrest and increasing violence in the Middle East, specifically in Libya, and how it could lead to an inevitable civil war.

  6. Vatican Visit

    President Obama meets with Pope Benedict XVI after G8 summit

  7. Shifting Positions

    On the Job Hunt: Kia plant helps town; Boeing takes jobs from unions