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Egypt Protests

Anti-Mubarak Protesters Speak Out

Cairo residents explain why they want the longtime Egyptian president out and their goals

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  1. Exclusive: Fox News Reporters on Savage Beating in Egypt

    Greg Palkot, Olaf Wiig describe being mauled by Mubarak supporters during protests in Cairo

  2. Police and Protesters Clash in Iran

    Cops using tear gas

  3. Syria's Bloody Crackdown on Protesters

    Should U.S. get involved?

  4. Egyptian Protester: 'Willing to Give Our Lives'

    New wave of violence in Cairo

  5. The Journal Editorial Report: 02/05/11

    What roll should the United States play?

  6. Uprising in Egypt Takes Bloody Turn

    What role should U.S. play in hostile political transition?

  7. Changing Tone in Egypt?

    President Obama encouraged by restraint shown Friday

  8. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  9. Despite Political Shuffle, Protests Continue in Egypt

    Presidents son, other top officials dismissed from ruling party

  10. A Need for Discretion in Egypt

    Should the conversations between Obama and Mubarak been kept quiet?

  11. Grading Obama: Egypt Crisis Management

    How well is President Obama handling Mubarak and the unrest in Cairo?

  12. Body Language of a Leader

    Comparing Muammar al-Qaddafi to Hosni Mubarak

  1. Egyptian Protests and American Allies

    Bob McEwen talks protests and its impact on American allies

  2. Fears of Financial Fallout from Egypt Protests

    Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg weighs in

  3. Secret Mideast Report Delivered in August

    What did U.S. know prior to Egypt protests ?

  4. Egypt: A Country in Chaos

    How did things spiral out of control in Egypt?

  5. US Endorsing Egypt V.P.'s Handling of Transition

    Opposition leader says support major setback

  6. Beck: From Cairo to Madison, Workers Unite

    Students, unions protest Wisconsin budget cuts

  7. Bahrain Protesters Call for Toppling of Monarchy

    Authorities clamp down on pro-reform crowds

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