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Edwin Dyer

What Do The Middle East Protestors Really Want?

Panelists Ed Sullivan and Joel Mowbray weigh in on wave of protests spreading from Egypt to Libya

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  1. Dr. Abdullah Adbullah

    Exclusive: Former Afghan presidential candidate sits down with Geraldo

  2. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  3. No 'Due Process' Defense for KSM?

    Why White House predicting 'guilty' verdict for 9/11 suspects may be counterproductive

  4. No Spin Debate

    Should the U.S. water-board suspected terrorists?

  5. Karl Rove on Claims Afghan Pullout Will Fuel the Enemy

    Comments from outgoing head of Marine Corps fuels firestorm around President Obama's war strategy

  6. 911 Yuletide Horror

    Terrifying 911 from Christmas Eve massacre released as new details emerge

  7. Hourly Update

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  8. Taliban Nerve Center

    Fox News crew joins Pakistan's army on terror hunt

  9. Patriot Party Follow Up

    Allison Barrie gives viewers an inside look at the Navy Seal Patriot Party

  10. WikiLeaks Warns of New Document Dump

    Website preparing to release more classified war documents

  11. Pentagon Demands Return of War Documents

    Pentagon hoping to prevent more WikiLeaks data from going public

  12. Change in Military Strategy

    With WikiLeaks releasing military documents, does this effect military command?

  1. No-Fly Zone: Congressional Approval Not Required? Part 2

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich weighs in

  2. U.S. Foreign Policy Examined

    Briefing on Afghan war strategy and US-China summit

  3. Clearing Diyala

    U.S., Iraqi troops tackle insurgent stronghold

  4. Terrorism Recruiters?

    Investigation into 14 men believed to be luring Somali Americans back to Africa to join terrorist groups

  5. Allison Barrie on Europe Terror Threat

    Security analyst on what Americans need to do to stay safe

  6. Troops Withdrawing Too Soon?

    Panel discusses planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq

  7. Rove's Review

    Former Bush adviser analyzes first day of Sotomayor confirmation hearings

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