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Crimes Against Humanity

Beck: Fabian Socialism

And the devaluation of human life

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  1. Around the World

    Whale and calf appear on beach in Sydney; Franklin Graham arrives in No. Korea

  2. Day of Sovereignty

    Iraqis celebrate withdrawal of U.S. troops from cities

  3. Right Steps Up Attacks

    Bernie Goldberg on heated attacks on Obama after slight comeback in polls

  4. Victims of Abuse Swarm Vatican, Demand Justice

    Protesters head to Rome to confront Catholic church, say 'enough is enough'

  5. 'All-Out War'

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton gauges global impact of Gaza crisis

  6. Off Again, On Again

    After much back and forth, Iranian president sits down with Fox News

  7. The Journal Editorial Report 5/15

    Pair of high-profile primary losses has Washington insiders on edge

  1. U.S. Struggles to Define Objective in Libya

    International debate over who will take the reins in Noth Africa as climate heats up

  2. Qaddafi's Next Move in Libya

    Leader declares 'I'm still here' in bizarre video

  3. Around the World: Former Dictator Gets Life

    Jorge Videla gets life in prison for crimes against humanity in Argentina

  4. How Do We Deal With Qaddafi?

    What happens if Qaddafi does go?

  5. Do We Have To Topple Qaddafi?

    KT McFarland weighs in on debate

  6. Libyan Leader Vows to Go Down Fighting

    Violence grows in Tripoli as Qaddafi swears to fight to his 'last drop of blood'

  7. FOX Flashback # 37

    Bill Clinton's impeachment hearing, first flight, Eichman sentenced to death