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Ayman al-Zawahiri

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New book shows Al Qaeda members are running scared from drone attacks

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  1. Divisive Issue

    O'Reilly and Gen. Wesley Clark debate Afghan war strategy

  1. Running Scared?

    Online book details Al Qaeda's fears of predator drones, spies

  2. Bad News for Al Qaeda ?

    Intelligence officials find silver lining in Mideast protests

  3. Terror Attack?

    Former Attorney General Mukasey on Fort Hood investigation

  4. Study: Al Qaeda Hurts Muslims Most

    Stats show vast majority of terror group's victims are Muslims

  5. Closing In on Usama bin Laden ?

    Report: Terror mastermind living in home in Pakistan

  6. Insight into the Muslim Brotherhood

    What role will they play in Egypt’s new government?

  7. Muslim Brotherhood Talks to Leaders in Egypt

    Former member of Muslim Brotherhood talks to Fox and Friends