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American Red Cross

Red Cross in US and Japan Working Hard

What measures have the American Red Cross taken to help in Japan?

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  1. Amber Alert for Missing 4-year-old

    Search continues for Juliani Cardenas

  2. Give Back with a Tax Break

    First-time customers receive waivers on tax preparation fees for donations to the American Red Cross

  3. Power Player of the Week

    Bonnie McElveen-Hunter is chairman of the American Red Cross

  4. Haiti Nears Quake Anniversary

    How nation is rebuilding and how you can help

  5. Helping Haiti

    Will $57 million raised from Haiti telethon actually get to suffering people?

  6. VIDEO: Swimming Myth?

    Ask Dr. Manny: Is it true you should wait an hour after eating before you go swimming?

  7. Paying the Price

    Report: Young adults could pay 8 times more for health insurance after reform

  8. Can Wisconsin Move Forward?

    Gov. Scott Walker responds

  9. Should Americans Donate Money to Japan?

    Columnist says no due to country's wealth and mismanaged funds in wake of tragedies

  10. Electricity Restored at Japanese Nuclear Plant

    Crisis management continues as concerns grow over radiation levels

  11. Vanessa Minnillo on Celebrity Response to Crisis in Japan

    Hollywood stars take up cause

  12. Fox & Friends: After the Show Show

    The gang talks about the Japan tsunami

  1. Red Cross to Host Gabrielle Giffords Benefit

    Gabrielle Giffords Benefit raises awareness about CPR and other lifesaving techniques

  2. Country Star's Personal Mission

    Musician Sara Evans makes a difference volunteering for Red Cross

  3. International Community's Role in Japanese Aid Efforts

    U.N., Red Cross weigh in on responsibilities

  4. Hollie on Hollywood: Helping Japan

    What is Hollywood doing to help Japan?

  5. Heavy Rains Trigger Devastating Landslides in California

    Extreme weather demolishes homes

  6. ‘American Idol’ Goes Retro

    Contestants perform songs from the years they were born

  7. Japan Struggles on Multiple Fronts

    Crucial hours for nuclear plants and rescue efforts

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