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Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett Previews State of the Union

White House senior adviser on president's address

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  1. No Wrongdoing?

    Karl Rove on Obama team's Blagojevich report

  2. Concealed Connections?

    Was a member of Obama's team on Blagojevich's conference call?

  3. Questions Remain

    Obama team still under scrutiny for their dealings with embattled Illinois governor

  4. 'No Inappropriate Contact'

    President-elect Obama's team clears itself in Blagojevich report

  5. Clearing His Name

    President-elect Obama is 'certain' his staff is not involved in Illinois governor scandal

  6. The One Thing: 2/3

    The message behind Obama's broken promises

  7. Community Organizer Extraordinaire

    Who Is Deepak Bhargava?

  8. Guilt By Association?

    Will the Blagojevich fallout hit President-elect Obama?

  9. Guilt By Association?

    Will the Blagojevich fallout hit President-elect Obama?

  10. Hannity's America: 12/3

    White House stonewalling investigation into party crashers

  11. The One Thing: 10/13

    Six degrees of President Barack Obama

  12. Financial Forecast

    New labor statistics put economic stimulus package back in focus

  1. President's Plan for Creating Jobs

    Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett on path to job growth

  2. Beck: Words Matter

    What's the difference between 'investing' in America and more government spending?

  3. How Would Emanuel Departure Impact White House?

    White House chief of staff weighs run for Chicago mayor

  4. Dennis Miller in No Spin Zone: 9/29

    Funnyman on Rahm Emanuel's possible departure, Obama's Christianity and recent work for USA Cares

  5. Dennis Miller on Rahm's Possible Exit

    Emanuel out before the midterms?

  6. Is Obama in White House Bubble?

    Rep. Charlie Rangel responds

  7. Are Wisconsin Protests a State or National Issue?

    Panel on D.C. and governor responses

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