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Susan Rice

Practical Not Political

Ambassador Susan Rice responds to criticism of Afghanistan agenda

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  1. Panel on Multiculturalism, Anti-Israel Resolution

    All-stars tackle this week's hot topics on Friday's Lightening Round

  2. Libya: What Is the Goal?

    KT McFarland on U.S.-led air assault

  3. Libyan Military Action Endgame Unclear

    Congress continues to question what endgame for Libyan

  4. NATO Delays Taking Command in Libya

    Because You Asked: What's the difference between the U.S. and NATO running the war?

  5. Palin on Obama's 'War'

    Sarah Palin tells Greta whether Pres. Obama cleared up any confusion about U.S. policy and involvement in Libya

  6. Obama: U.S. Prevented 'Massacre' in Libya

    KT McFarland on the president's speech

  7. Qaddafi Forces Advance on Opposition

    Siege on rebel-held city of Ajdabiya

  8. John McCain Reacts to Obama's Speech

    Arizona senator on President Obama's Libya address

  9. Power Play: Obama Makes U-Turn on Libya?

    Chris Stirewalt with recents developments regarding Qaddafi and Libya

  10. Arab League Sends Mixed Messages on Libya

    Does the organization support no-fly zone?

  11. Al Qaeda Infiltrating Libyan Rebel Forces?

    David Pollock takes a look at the make up of Libya's anti-Qaddafi movementjoins us to discuss

  12. America in Tough Diplomatic Spot

    U.S. vetoes Palestinian resolution on Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank

  1. Iran Using Mideast Crisis to Flex Its Muscles?

    Iranian warships pass through Suez Canal, dock in Syria

  2. Admiral Mullen Talks To Chris Wallace About Libya

    The Admiral gives updates on the battle

  3. Giving President Credit for Averting Humanitarian Crisis

    Amid Criticism, some praise Obama's actions in Libya

  4. Will Qaddafi Fall Under Pressure?

    Pentagon confirms 22 missiles launched in 24 hours

  5. Will America Arm Libyan Rebels?

    U.N . Ambassador Susan Rice on goals in Libya

  6. Is Military Action Necessary in Libya?

    Second day of air strikes deepen anxiety among coalition partner’s objectives

  7. Is France Leading Charge Against Qaddafi?

    Critics say Obama waited too long

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