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Steven Chu

Secretary Steven Chu on 'FNS'

Energy secretary talks Japan crisis

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  1. Japan Downplaying Risk from Crippled Nuclear Plant?

    Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Poneman weighs in

  2. Mississippi Governor Attacks President's Energy Policy

    Fox Business host on administration's handling of U.S. energy issues

  3. Ed Rendell, Rob Portman

    Obama, McCain supporters duke it out on 'FOX News Sunday'

  4. Cap-and-Favor

    Amendments stuffed in climate change bill to sway votes?

  5. Time to Tap?

    Did Obama spend his birthday flip-flopping on his energy plan? Campaign National Co-Chair Federico Pena weighs in

  6. Beck: From Nudge to Shove

    Progressives extend government control

  7. Analyzing the Presidency

    Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) and Alan break down President Bush's two terms in the White House

  8. White House Pivots From Libya to Energy

    Efforts to curb foreign oil imports

  9. What Future Dangers Does Japan Face?

    'Special Report' breaks down hard facts from Japan

  10. Explaining the Mission in Libya

    Bill Richardson weighs in on what President Obama needs to say to the American people

  11. Radiation Spreads Amidst Recovery Effort

    New reports indicate radiation is leaking from Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant

  12. Not Adjourning?

    Representative Mike Pence demands Congress stay in session to address energy crisis

  1. Higher Prices at the Pump?

    Libyan war leads to increase in the cost of gas?

  2. What to Expect From Obama's State of the Union

    All-Star panel previews address, responses

  3. Who's to Blame for Pain at the Gas Pump?

    Critics claim administration is trying to raise energy prices

  4. Energy Crunch

    Secretary of Energy Bodman on Bush Cabinet meeting, gridlock over offshore drilling

  5. White House Addresses Nuclear Concerns

    Any threat to U.S. from Japan crisis or local facilities?

  6. This Week On Fox News Sunday: 03/20/11

    A new twist in the Libyan Crisis

  7. Is Japan Misleading World About Nuke Danger?

    Talking Points: 3/17

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