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Obama tries for reset with Sebelius gone

**Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut:Obama tries for reset with Sebelius gone Baier Tracks: Red menace… Duck! Shoe hurled at Hillary during scrap dealers speech Power Play: Southern fried Senate Forget the diapers, junior wears a collarOBAMA TRIES FOR RESET WITH SEBELIUS GONEJust 10 days after declaring she would “ absolutely ” be on the job in November, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is stepping down. The official Democratic spin is that having safely landed what the NYT calls the “disastrous” launch of key components of ObamaCare, Sebelius deserves the thanks of a grateful nation. She may have mangled the start, they say, but the former Kansas governor got it together in time and saved the day. Whew! In fact, some influential figures on the left complained that Sebelius’ departure came too soon, interrupting what many Democrats believe to be positive developments for the troubled law. MSNBC’s top political personality, Rachel ...

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  1. Family ties: Grandson of Jimmy Carter tries to shake legacy in Georgia guv run

    On the plus side, Jason Carter's got serious name recognition. The grandson of former President Jimmy Carter is running for governor in the same state his grandfathe...

  2. Critical Defense spending bill latest caught in Capitol Hill political divide

    The Defense spending bill, which accounts for half the country's discretionary budget, is the most recent legislation caught in the Capitol Hill partisan divide, aft...

  3. Jason Carter to run for Ga. governor

    Jason Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter and a state lawmaker from Atlanta, said Thursday that he plans to run for governor of Georgia next year, ...

  4. Obama rekindles ‘poor’ war

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut: • Obama rekindles ‘poor’ war • Sister Act: Nuns make potent adversaries • Obama appointee st...

  5. 2014: Are Democrats vulnerable because of ObamaCare?

    Larry Sabato on the political party's future

  6. Republicans appear to hold edge in Senate races, as party fortunes ebb and flow

    Republicans appear to hold a slight edge in the battle next year to control the Senate. But the wild swings in the political fortunes for both parties in the closing...

  7. Home Depot Co-founder talks ObamaCare, state of US economy

    Ken Langone speaks out on 'Your World'

  8. Democrat Michelle Nunn announces run for Georgia Senate seat

    Georgia emerged as a battleground state Monday in the fight for control of the U.S. Senate as Democrat Michelle Nunn announced plans to run for her father's old seat...

  9. Panel Plus: 9/29

    Watch the ‘FOX News Sunday' panel, Brit Hume, Evan Bayh, Kim Strassel and Juan Williams, as they discuss America’s tolerance for war

  10. Special Report Online: 9/4/13

    Will Congress pass Syria resolution?

  11. Dems' Senate campaigns marked by internal battles

    Two top-tier Democratic prospects recently bypassed running for Senate seats in Georgia and South Dakota -- showing that Republicans aren't the only ones with intern...

  12. Obama praises George HW Bush at White House for volunteer initiative

    President Obama welcomed President George H.W. Bush to the White House on Monday for an event that recognized the push for volunteerism that the 41st president spear...

  1. Should Senate Dems share in ObamaCare enthusiasm?

    Will law help or hurt party in November?

  2. Self-defense debate roiled by Ft. Hood shooting

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut: • Self-defense debate roiled by Ft. Hood shooting • States start undercutting Obama’s enroll...

  3. Former defense, energy secretary James Schlesinger dies

    Former defense secretary and energy secretary James Schlesinger has died, his daughter confirmed to Fox News. He was 85. A Washington think tank also confirmed the d...

  4. Preview of 2014's key primary races

    Chief political correspondent Carl Cameron reports from Washington

  5. A Bipartisan Debt Solution

    Former Senators Bob Bennett and Sam Nunn on the current state of debt in America and future government spending.

  6. Uncertainty in Washington over new jobs report

    Power Play: Jobs numbers look bleak, new set of ObamaCare delays, and who's ahead in Colorado's Senate race?

  7. Can Government Continue Current Spending Pattern?

    Former Senators Bob Bennett and Sam Nunn on the state of spending in the U.S. and whether government can make necessary cuts.

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