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Robert Gates

P.J. Crowley on 'Studio B'

Former State Department spokesperson on U.S. role in Libya, resignation

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  1. Obama Doctrine: Looking to the Past

    How does Libya compare to other conflicts?

  2. White House Shuffle, Not Shakeup?

    Administration: No big changes expected to Obama Cabinet

  3. Military and Political Missions in Libya

    Congressman Adam Smith says ground troops would hurt U.S. goals

  4. Special Report Online: 3/9

    End in sight for Wisconsin standoff?

  5. Complicated Conflict in Libya

    Because You Asked: Who are the insurgents?

  6. Defense Secretary Gates on Afghanistan

    Should U.S. stay involved?

  7. Revolving White House Door Takes Another Spin

    National Security adviser Gen. Jim Jones stepping down

  8. Sexual Abuse in the Military?

    More than a dozen U.S. veterans who say they experienced abuse by comrades have filed a class-action suit in federal court

  9. Is White House on Same Page on Libya?

    Defense Secretary Gates says Libya not an imminent threat to U.S.

  10. U.S. Military Faces New Challenges in Afghanistan

    Concerns over cost of training Afghan forces during defense secretary's trip

  11. US React to Japan Quake

    7 military ships sent to region

  12. What Will Become of Libya?

    U.S. monitors response from Qaddafi’s regime

  1. Florida Pastor Cancels 9/11 Koran Burning

    Leader of a small Florida church calls off plan to burn Korans; claims planned Islamic Center near Ground Zero will move location

  2. Fiscal Carnage on Capitol Hill?

    Democrats and Republicans clash over saving jobs while cutting debt

  3. Amb. Paul Bremer Talks Libya

    Would the former head of the Provisional Authority of Iraq arm Libyan rebels?

  4. WikiLeaks to Release Documents

    400,000 Pentagon Iraq War documents to be released

  5. China's Growing Military

    World's largest standing army continues to grow

  6. U.S.-Led Raid Kills Karzai Cousin

    General Petraeus on how civilian deaths have created tension in Afghanistan

  7. Libyan Rebels Lose Ground

    U.S. lawmakers question next steps

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