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Richard Holbrooke

First Break: 9/25

The real Richard Holbrooke

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  1. Newt's Take

    From Obama's czars to a possible second stimulus, Gingrich sounds off

  2. After the Show Show: 7/8

    'Special Report' panel on czars in Obama administration, Afghanistan and GAO report on federal office security

  3. Panel Plus: 9/27

    The 'FOX News Sunday' panel debates whether President Obama should increase troop levels in Afghanistan

  4. My Word: 9/25

    If Obama is going to throw rocks at McCain, shouldn't he move out of that glass house?

  5. Hannity's America: 4/1

    White House insults British again?

  1. U.S. and Pakistan Clash

    Imprisonment of American diplomat creates tension

  2. Souring Relations with Pakistan

    Tensions could threaten Afghan war progress

  3. Comparing Libya Unrest to the Bosnia/Kosovo War

    Former CIA Director James Woolsey joins us to compare the unrest in Libya to the Bosnia/Kosovo war

  4. FOX News Exclusive

    Adm. Michael Mullen on North Korea's missile tests

  5. Hunt for Al Qaeda

    Gary Bernsten, the former CIA agent who pursued Usama bin Laden at Tora Bora, joins Alan to discuss Obama's war strategy

  6. Is Hillary Clinton Obama's Best Hope for 2012?

    Democrats calling former political rivals a dream ticket

  7. Jetlag or Jealousy?

    Secretary Clinton snaps in Congo