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Ray LaHood

Safe in the Sky? Secrets from the Control Tower

Former air traffic controller on NTSB investigation into Reagan National

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  1. Florida Governor Rejects Federal Funding for Rail Project

    Gov. Rick Scott says 'no thanks' to $2 billion handout

  2. Expanded White House Role for Bill Clinton?

    Alan Colmes on expected administration changes

  3. Rough Road Ahead for Toyota?

    Troubling times for auto giant; confusing times for owners

  1. High-Speed Rail Network Stuck Off Track

    Obama's $53 billion plan faces stiff opposition

  2. FAA Already Issuing New Regulations

    Comes after controller fell asleep on shift

  3. Hits Keep Coming for Toyota

    Safety issues could be expanding to more cars

  4. Distracted Driving in America

    New report sheds light on the dangerous things drivers do behind the wheel

  5. Obama's $50 Billion Request

    President lobbies for Republican support for his own transportation infrastructure upgrade

  6. Fox News Sunday

    Sunday, 6p ET: Obama's deficit plan, what's in and what's out? Tom Coburn and Chris Van Hollen square off!

  7. Highway Traffic Deaths Down

    Freeway traffic deaths drop to lowest since 1969