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Obama Inauguration Speech

JFK Inaugural Speech Fifty Years Later

America celebrates the impact of John F. Kennedy's inauguration

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  1. Climate-Gate

    Global warming hysterics want to control more than just your light bulb

  2. History's Most Extravagant?

    Chris Wallace previews Barack Obama's upcoming inauguration

  1. Making It Stick

    Tips on making a memorable inaugural speech

  2. Historic Address

    Former Obama campaign manager previews inaugural speech

  3. U.S. States Getting Fresh Leadership

    More than two dozen states swearing in new governors

  4. Ben Quayle Defends Obama Attacks

    Arizona congressional candidate stands by controversial campaign ad

  5. Family Support

    Gov. Palin's brother and sister evaluate her debate performance

  6. 'Least Partisan Day'

    Former speechwriter for President Bush has some advice for Barack Obama

  7. Obama's Afghanistan Address

    Part 2: President Obama announces goals, three core elements of Afghanistan strategy