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Leon Panetta

Surprise Pick

With limited intelligence experience, is Leon Panetta the best choice for CIA chief?

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  1. O'Reilly vs. Attorney Over CIA Drone Attacks

    Tense debate about unmanned aircraft attacks, terrorism

  2. Bad Intelligence

    Cowan: Panetta was a poor pick!

  3. Intelligence Inquiry

    Controversy surrounds President-elect Obama's selection of Leon Panetta to head CIA

  4. Ups and Downs

    Find out why Harry Reid is 'down'

  5. American Problem

    President-elect Obama tries to get support of Republicans and Democrats for massive stimulus package

  6. To Tell the Truth

    Has the CIA been lying since 2001 or are Democrats covering for Speaker Pelosi?

  7. 'Partisan Issue'?

    Sen. Ben Nelson on unsettled Senate seats, Panetta pick for CIA

  8. Panel Plus: 7/12

    The 'FOX News Sunday' panel discusses CIA secret programs and what congress should be briefed on

  9. Changes Ahead?

    Karl Rove analyzes Obama's anti-terror strategy

  10. Blackwater Controversy

    CIA reached out to private firm to hunt Al Qaeda

  11. Saxby Chambliss

    Part 2: Georgia senator comments on Obama's stimulus package and choice for CIA chief

  12. Fair Game?

    Does U.S. government have legal right to kill American working for Al Qaeda?

  1. New Complications for NATO in Pakistan

    Supply vehicles targeted by insurgents one day after Pakistani officials close key route

  2. Former CIA Director

    Gen. Michael Hayden sat down with Brian!

  3. Emanuel Close to Announcing Departure?

    Source says White House chief of staff near decision about future

  4. President Obama the Terror Warrior

    Bob Woodward compares Obama and President George W. Bush's approaches to war

  5. Obama, King Talk National Security

    Rep. poised to be chairman of House Homeland Security Committee on future of fight against terrorism

  6. Speaker of the House on Mideast Turmoil

    John Boehner on the situation in Egypt

  7. Power Grid Safe from Cyber-Attack?

    U.S. intelligence officials concerned

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