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Ken Salazar

Struggle to Stop Oil Spill

BP officials try to use chemicals to fight spill

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  1. Who's at Fault for Oil Spill?

    President Obama grows increasingly frustrated with continuing environmental disaster

  2. Drilling Rigs Sit Idle in Gulf

    Deepwater drilling moratorium's chilling effects on industry

  3. Voters Go to Polls in Colorado

    Colorado voters will decide party nominees for this fall's election

  4. President Obama Losing Support

    Should the president be more involved in the current budget negotiations?

  5. Trouble Ahead?

    Are Democrats in danger this fall?

  6. Alaska Arctic Drilling

    Concerns that oil exploration in the northern waters could destroy some Eskimos' way of life if there is a spill

  7. 'Fish Don't Vote'

    Comedian Paul Rodriguez has a message for President Obama

  8. Obama Backs Incumbent in Tight Race

    Tea Party favorite leading in Colorado Senate race

  9. Senate Primary Showdowns

    Close races coming up in Connecticut and Colorado

  10. 'Strategy Room' PM Newsbreak: 5/18

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  1. 'Obama's Beltway Chainsaw Massacre'

    Michelle Malkin examines toll hope and change is taking on job market

  2. Deepwater Drilling Moratorium Lifted in Gulf

    Companies must adhere to added regulations before going back to work

  3. Lips and Ears: 10/16

    Rumor has it: Madonna knows how to keep her man very happy!

  4. Drilling Moratorium Hurting Gulf Region

    New offshore drilling rules require hazards analysis, evacuation plans

  5. Obama: Stop the Fingerpointing

    President makes statement on BP oil spill

  6. 'Special Report' Online Show: 8/11

    President Obama facing revolt from the left?

  7. Uncertainty About Oil Spill Size

    Officials admit they don't know how much oil is pumping into Gulf daily