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Kathleen Sebelius

Secretary Sebelius , Sen. McConnell on 'FNS'

Fair and balanced look at health care debate

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  1. House Votes on Repealing Health Care Reform

    GOP shifting focus to replacement legislation

  2. Toxic Medicine for Democrats?

    Obamacare proving to be a tough sell as midterm elections close in

  3. It's the Electorate, Stupid?

    Sen. John Kerry blames uninformed voters for Dems' midterm battles

  4. GOP Looks to Turn Back Clock on Obamacare

    As Republicans launch health care overhaul repeal effort, Democrats push back with dire warnings

  5. How Will Health Care Play Out on Hill?

    Gibbs says Obama won't need veto to protect new law GOP vows to block

  6. Gift in AARP's Christmas Stocking?

    Seniors group taking big advantage of fine print in health care overhaul

  7. Prescription for Truth

    Where is the government spending our money?

  8. GOP Demands Fiscal Responsibility

    Specific Republican planned cuts are challenged by Democrats

  9. House to Vote on Health Care Repeal Bill

    Rep. Steve King on abolishing Obamacare

  10. A Battle Won for Equality

    LGBT activist Janice Langbehn tells Alan how she achieved justice after being denied a hospital deathbed visit to her partner of 17 years.

  11. Check-Up

    U.S. doctors voice concern over AMA's health care support

  12. Change in Direction?

    Is the administration taking public option off the table?

  1. Health Care Waiver on the Menu

    McDonald's and 29 other companies exempt from part of president's law

  2. Bullied Under 'Obamacare'?

    John Stossel on the Obama administration's threat to health insurers who enact 'unjustified' rate increases linked to health care reform

  3. Midday Market Report: 10/1

    Americans making, spending more than expected

  4. The Journal Editorial Report 9/25

    Is 'The Pledge to America' a campaign gimmick or guide to governing?

  5. Was Obamacare Worth the Price?

    Sen. Orrin Hatch on anniversary of health care overhaul

  6. Big Break for AARP

    All-Star panel on revelations from Obamacare

  7. Debate Over Health Care Repeal

    HHS secretary warns over pre-existing conditions

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