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John Brennan

Protecting Our Nation During the Holidays

Mike Baker and Bill Daly break down the biggest national security stories of the week

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  1. President Obama Hits the Campaign Trail

    President campaigns today in several states

  2. Clapper Gaffe: Embarrassment or a Cause for Concern?

    Communication problems in intelligence community?

  3. John Brennan on 'FNS'

    President Obama's top terrorism adviser on response to mail bomb plot

  4. Terror Worries Front and Center

    All-Star panel on reaction to suspicious packages

  5. Ups and Downs

    Find out why Harry Reid is 'down'

  6. Gruesome Scene as Militants Storm Somali Hotel

    Al Qaeda-linked terror group kills at least 32 near presidential palace

  7. Did Mail Bomb Plot Expose Weakness?

    Michael Chertoff on cargo security

  8. Report: Airline Bomb Plot Aimed at Passenger Planes

    Fox confirms cell phones used as detonators in terror plot

  9. Obama Calls Terrorist Threat 'Credible'

    Suspicious packages were bound for U.S.

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  1. Terror Gaffe Spark New Concerns

    Is U.S. intelligence community sharing information?

  2. Debate Over Christmas Day Bomb Attempt

    Does White House have a 'blind spot' on terror as one GOP senator claims?

  3. U.S. Response to Nuclear Nightmare in Japan

    Karl Rove weighs in on administration's actions

  4. US React to Japan Quake

    7 military ships sent to region

  5. 'Obama's War Over Terror'

    D.C. journalist talks about his titled piece, 'Obama's War Over Terror'

  6. Terror Plot or 'Dry Run'?

    Investigators searching for answers from Friday's terror scare

  7. Obama, King Talk National Security

    Rep. poised to be chairman of House Homeland Security Committee on future of fight against terrorism