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James L. Jones

Gen. Myers: 'It's His Time'

Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff responds to Gen. Jones' departure

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    Karl Rove on David Axelrod!

  2. National Security Adviser Stepping Down

    Why is Gen. James Jones calling it quits?

  3. Toby Keith Goes 'On the Record'

    Country music superstar locks and loads with new CD, 'Bullets in the Gun'

  4. Gingrich Rates Obama's Handling of Conflict in Libya, Part 1

    Former House speaker on whether the U.S. took the right action in dealing with Qaddafi

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    Tom Donilon to replace Jones as national security adviser

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    Panel debates mammogram guidelines, White House party crashers

  7. Military Update

    Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen weighs in on Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran

  8. Obama's New War

    White House shifts focus from Al Qaeda to Gen. McChrystal

  9. It was Significant

    Dan Gerstein on Obama in Russia

  10. Battle Lines Drawn?

    Growing signs of tension between Obama administration, Gen. McChrystal over Afghanistan strategy

  11. Troop Request

    Will President Obama make good on his promise to listen to commanders in Afghanistan?

  12. Miller Time!

    Judy Miller on her recent travels!

  1. 'Door's Open' for Meeting Between U.S., Iran

    Should President Obama sit down with Iran's president?

  2. Major National Security Team Announcement

    President Obama introduces new national security adviser

  3. Revolving White House Door Takes Another Spin

    National Security adviser Gen. Jim Jones stepping down

  4. 'War' Justification

    Can the government use the word 'war' to criminalize people?

  5. Beck: Why the Mideast Matters

    Is the Obama administration fundamentally transforming our relationship with Israel?

  6. 'War' Justification

    Can the government use the word 'war' to criminalize people?

  7. National Security Picks

    President-elect Obama's national security choices

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