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Jim Messina

White House posts staff salaries...

Some Highlights: Top staff salary = $172,200/year Among those who score the top $ at $172,200 David Axelrod, senior adviser Melody Barnes, head of Domestic Policy CouncilTom Donilon, Deputy National Security Adviser Anita Dunn, Communications Director (interim) Jonathan Favreau, Chief Speech Writer Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser Jim Jones, National Security Adviser Jim Messina, Deputy Chief of Staff Pete Rouse, Deputy Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen, Deputy Chief of Staff Phil Schiliro, head of Legislative Affairs Larry Summers, head of National Economic CouncilThe three White House Deputy Press Secretaries earn $113,000/year They are: Bill Burton Jen Psaki Josh EarnestWEDNESDAY, JULY 1ST, 2009 AT 2:32 PM Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff Posted by Macon PhillipsToday, the White House publicly disclosed its Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff.Since 1995, the White House has been required to deliver a report...

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    Karl Rove reacts to Nancy Pelosi's comments

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  3. Obama transforms re-election team into advocacy group

    Team to mobilize support for president's second-term agenda

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    Iconic game show host sounds off

  5. Intervention in Colorado Race Could Cast Pall Over Obama Transparency Message

    President Obama could be losing the mantle of transparency he claimed as a candidate following the latest admission by the White House that it floated the potential ...

  6. White House Faces Fresh Questions Over Back-Room Dealmaking

    The White House faced fresh questions over back-room dealmaking after it acknowledged one of President Obama's top advisers had suggested to a Democratic candidate t...

  7. KARL ROVE: Will Obama Channel Richard Nixon or George W. Bush In 2012 Presidential Race?

    President Barack Obama's re-election campaign is now up and operating. It's an interesting amalgam: Tactically, it's Bushian—but strategically, it's Nixonian.The Oba...

  8. Louis Caldera resigns over AF1 flap

    One head has rolled as a result of the Air Force photo op fiasco: Louis Caldera, head of the White House Military office has resigned, the White House announced late...

  9. Obama's Montana Visit Adds Pressure for Health Legislation

    BELGRADE, Mont. - By making a rare presidential visit to Montana, Barack Obama has put even more pressure on the rural state's senior senator, Max Baucus , and his p...

  10. BREAKING: White House, Romanoff Acknowledge Job Talks

    UPDATE:The White House, for the second time in as many days, sought to clarify long-running reports in Colorado that it tried to discourage former Colorado House Spe...

  11. Romanoff: I Was Not Promised a Job

    Colorado Democratic Senate candidate details conversations with White House on exiting race

  12. Power Player of the Week

    There's a new 'most popular' man in Washington

  1. Endangered Dem's costly caveat to 'if you like it'

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here .**Buzz Cut: • Endangered Dem tries costly caveat to ‘if you like it’ • GOP debt-limit choice: Big on Oba...

  2. Britain's Conservatives hire Obama campaign chief

    Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron has hired US President Barack Obama's campaign manager to advise his Conservative party on its strategy for the 2015 general e...

  3. Reid Says Co-ops Might Be Public Option

    Per Turner/Senate ---Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NY, told reporters Thursday that a system of nonprofit cooperatives could pass as a "public option," or gov...

  4. Baucus and His Personal Life No Stranger to Controversy

    The controversy over Sen. Max Baucus mixing love and politics seems to have come and gone in a matter of days, with his Senate colleagues ignoring calls for an inqui...

  5. Grapevine: Chick-fil-A sets 'world record'

    And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...Shine a Little LightHouse Republicans are questioning whether the self-described most transparent administ...

  6. Grapevine: Chick-fil-A sets 'world record'

    Company supporters rally to boost sales

  7. Political Grapevine: Is Obama Administration Not-So-Transparent, After All?


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