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David Axelrod

David Axelrod on 'FNS'

President Obama's senior adviser on nuclear disarmament, dealing with North Korea

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  1. Power Player of the Week: Nick Ayers

    Political whiz kid runs biggest show in town

  2. Gov. McDonnell on Failure of Obamanomics

    Will voters repudiate failed policies?

  3. Special Report Online Show: 10/13

    Freezing foreclosures: knee-jerk reaction?

  4. Democrats' Blame Game Continues

    Obama lays responsibility of crumbling economy on Republicans

  5. Karl Rove vs. White House

    White House responds to 'enemies list' accusation

  6. Chaos in Egypt: Covering the Coverage

    Panel weighs in on attacks on journalists, U.S. response

  7. White House Shuffle, Not Shakeup?

    Administration: No big changes expected to Obama Cabinet

  8. Biden-Clinton Swap in the Works?

    Rumors swirling that VP, secretary of state may trade roles for 2012

  9. Race for 2012: Rebranding Obama

    Can an incumbent president be cast as a Washington outsider?

  10. Rove Responds to DNC Attack Ad

    Former Bush adviser named in latest conspiracy theory involving foreign campaign investors

  11. Obama Readying for New Fight in New Year?

    Karl Rove on president's promise for robust debate on taxes, spending

  12. Gibbs Stepping Down From Podium

    Impact of press secretary shakeup on Obama administration

  1. 'Very, Very Encouraging'

    Obama chief strategist David Axelrod : Obama camp likes 'what we see'

  2. Conflict of Interest?

    Is Obama adviser David Axelrod making money from Obamacare?

  3. The Architect!

    Karl Rove on David Axelrod !

  4. Rove: 'They Think the American People Are So Stupid'

    Karl Rove says Democrats attacking him to distract from jobs situation

  5. A Push For Infrastructure Improvements

    President Obama tries to add momentum to the economic recovery

  6. Blago Rates Rahm's Chances

    Former Illinois governor on Emanuel's run for Chicago mayor

  7. White House Shuffle Ahead?

    When President Obama returns from vacation, will his entire team be intact?

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